Yeahhh! Finally, I got the DIGITAL HOLGA CAMERA (YASHICA F521) and I adds bought a fisheye lens After I order on the internet. it's very cool, I love that it taking digital photo +VDO with LOMO style! With a simple Vignette Mod , it will take photos with black, yellow, blue corners. and it's a good function English Instruction Manual.

 ได้มาแล้วกล้องดิจิโม่ฮอลก้ายาชิกา f521 หลังจากสั่งทาง internet (www.lomomania.com) ซื้อ fisheye เพิ่มด้วยแหละ กล้องเจ๋งมากถ่าย VDO ได้ชัตเตอร์มีหลายสี ขาวดำ เหลือง น้ำเงิน ฟังชั่นภาษาอังกฤษ ใช้ง่ายอยู่

(เครดิต : รูปเราถ่ายเองทั้งหมด Yingsaran )



What up!

Hey! guys.. How're you doing for today. ?
I took this photo in the morning. At behind my house. Hahha
Before, I visited to my grandma's home, she's busy cooked many food. I enjoyed eating. I ate too much because it's a good teastes. Many times, I think to lose my weight but I it's very difficult to eat less. anyweys, I'll try to control my weight. 55
I'm really glad to met all my relatives today. it had a good weekend. : )



Yeahhhhhhhhhh! Congratulation for Slur debut 4th Years Anniversary.!!!
I'll love and support all of you forever. : )
I enjoyed the dinner very much. I went to eat Mooyang-Kata with my friends. I've had a good time tonight. So after unhappy all the time about a lot of works and I'm worried an interview translation test. Now! I feel relieved. Heheheheh
I like this kind of weather, the rain throughout the day.^^ and winter is coming!!!

I save my monney, I really wanna to buy this digital camera lomo Yashica EZ F521.