Congratulations to Philipp Lahm married his girlfriend in a traditional wedding, after the 2010 Fifa World Cup. The perfect couple! I still love him although he is married.! T^T
I think he looks like a princess! and She’s got a beautiful face.^^
They both look so happy. Have a wonderful wedded life Lahm! Wishing you babies!!



I plan with my friends to buy lunch for the old man it is like a make merit. I woke up early in the morning, I went to the market with my friends yesterday.

I went to visit the nursing home with my friends, we're offering food and other fruits to the old man. They bless us ; ) It's happy time for a day.

After that we let's go have lunch together, and eaten an ice-cream at ice-pon-ne' shop. It's tastes absolutey delicious!

My lovely friends eating Ice-cream.

We're writting message on the board.

shopping with my friends .. I'm glad to met P'pae (slur)^^ Jub hahaha

and handsome man jubbb :')

At that time, I felt very ashamed for many people. 55+