Peter Pan collar blouses (Fall & Summer 2011 Trends)

1. Sandro eugenie ivory top
2. Isabel Garreton infant onesie
3. Topshop pink rickrack blouse
4. Topshop coral triple collar top
5.  By Malene Birger georgette playsuit
6. Topshop cherry red tiered blouse
7.  Isabel Garreton girls Dress

 (photos from Tumblr : Peter pan collar)

Always a favour to vintage-wearing lovers like myself or model Alexa Chung,the Perter pan collar allowed designers to play with proportion, embellished detail, and shape. The collar can be simple or glamorous, it can be attached or detatched but always super chic. The Peter Pan Collar is simply one of the easiest ways to enhance a look this Fall.

 I love Alexa Chung wears this trend.
Perter pan collar tops are really cute. 

The 60s inspired Peter pan collar are the hottest trend for summer 2011. The peter pan collar trend seems to be continuing on into fall fashion. There is something sweet and alluring about the look that I can't seem to ignore.

 This look is an amazing ; ) I think it's a great idea to give all your tops a unique feature.
  What do you guys think of this sweet the "Peter pan" collar? Love them or hate ?????




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