In last sunday, i'm woke up on 3AM. One day trip at Loei with my family.
i arrived at ChiangKhan on 8AM. the weather is so nice. Chiang Khan is surrounded is natural beauty. it is a little town, full traditional timber house and beautiful riverside location
The village is easy to walked around and many temple made interested places.

i looked around the shops of handmade.

After, i went to Kaeng Kudkhu on 12.00 am. i'm so hungry. When i arrived it's a small island is located in the middle of Mekong River. i walked on the beaches. then, i'm at restaurants selling local seafood dishes dot the riverbank. i ate lunch time with my family. its a nice atmosphere, i took many pictures. i was enjoyed this day.^^

(Mekong river, opposite of Laos PDR)
In the evening, my aunt said 'Let's visted in Nong Khai'.
which is the way back to my hometown. after we're rest beside the car. i saw Mekong river, it's beautiful places.

After that i'm at Nong Khai, Tha Sadet market is along the Mekong river. it had also become the focal point trade between this part and neighbourind Laos. The market here this called the "Indochina Market" because a good sold here mainly from across the rigion and local produce. it makes for interested shopping such as clothes, food and everything. I brought a one shirt. it's a very lowprices. >_<

Shadow of me

Tha Sadet market of symbol



Up this my picture after i head back from my grandma's home.

I took the photo in this morning, it's a white chritsmas tree. i visited at my grandma's home, the garden looked very beautiful. ><
Merry Chritsmas to you!!! : )
May your days be merry and may all your chritsmas be white.
I hope you guys the enjoys of the season. And have a good time with your family and friends. Happy holidays!!
Dear Santa Claus.. Please come to my home! i waiting for the gift. Hahaha

(My lovely bear)

"All i want for chirtsmas is you" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RengWX0P5KA&feature=relatedSuch such a great song of Maraih Carey. she's awesome, i love her voic and performance.

In Chritmas cold and weather and warm feelings. <: ) it's made me felt have a spirit to do anything. I felt very good when i listen to love easy song. My fevorite all of CD songs, this relexing music. i like to listen to music every times. and i love the best artists of the 90's. Especially, Aqua, Celine Dion, Westlife, Maroon5, Blue, Backstreet Boys, Rickey Martin, Spice Girls, C21, M2M, Atomic Kitten. I'm missing all songs, wanna come back again T^T



I took the photo after finished my make-up ( :
with Bow

In the evening, I join the party congratulations to all of English major graduates at MSU. i had very fun tonight. another awsome senior, somebody to be a teacher and has a good job. that's great!! I warmly congratulate all my seniors. In the future, I think to gets the job it's not easy but I'll try to do my best : ) I'll work for a few years then continue my studies.



it's finally December!! yeahh
Christmas coming soon!!
Someday, i set on a chair, i was thinking to see snowfall in Thailand.! Hahah I just kidding, i don't think the event is possible!
i love the windy, snowman, Chirstmas's tree, a gift, a reindeer and all everything. ><
So i can't believe that my is old enough to be graduation of the next year; 2011! How time to flies.! it' December, my favorite month because its my birthday. i was born on 29 Dec. its the last day of the year. eiei i hope enjoy with my B-day. And this next year of my life turns out to be a great one! ^^

i love this song, it happyness to listen to the song.

I wanna fall in love this Christmas,
I don't wanna be alone this Christmas,
I wanna be loved this Christmas.......