Hey! guys Today, i went to the library at University. i spend many hours in there. Approximately 60% of the group projects now! i hope my teacher will give it an a good grade. i work hard every it's very tired indeed. i'll try to because now that time is fast running out. ><'' Anyway, i can't believe i'll gradtuate soon! Hahah

Immediately after i arrived home, i saw the dog ran infront my home. my brother told me that he brought a one pitbull dog, he's a lovely. the name's Kafae. i feed pets and take care of them, they ate too much and naughty. i'm free, i went out walk the dog around my home. and i just took a dog to the vet for a vaccine i afraid that maybe bite to someone. i really love 'KAFAE' i want to know Do you have any pet?? Please leave a comment. Have a good weekend guys : )

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Thank you for all the comments : )