Hey guys I'm come back!! That's a shame. I must be busy every days. I'm woried many days about my project groups. No free time, I need something to occupy my free time with my parents and my friends. I want to go to shopping ang eating out with lovely gang.
Finally, my project is done today, Good job!! : ) I feel relieved but i'm unhappy because i can't to go to the senior trip 3 days 2 night with the gang cause i've a final exam, I want to tell u how sorry I am. please forget about it! Hahaha.. So now it's all right.  

I just took up the photos, I went to a party last friday night. Thanks to all junior and friends (English major) who come bye nior party, it's was a great time. : ) I appreceate every you're done for us.



Thank you for all the comments : )